Ear Mite Treatments

Ear Mites and Ear Infections: A Guide


Is your dog having an ear infection that does not seem to go away?  The sense of hearing in dogs is highly sensitive. The ear canal of dogs is L-shaped. This design allows the trapping of parasites and ear mites, ear wax and moisture which build up and lead up to the infections. 80% of the problems in dogs ears will be traced down to allergies. Traditionally, the treatment for such infections is to give your dog an antibiotic or antifungal medication or other drugs. This approach is known to leave a chemical balance in the ear of the dog, and a very simple infection may turn into a long-term problematic affair. It is more sensible to deal with those underlying allergies so that you build up the immune strength of the dog to fight against bacteria before they can be able to cause infection. The problem with using these antibiotics is that your dog will eventually build up resistance and will not be responding to drug treatment is expected.


If you are a pet owner, you may want to know what sign to look out for if your dog has any infection. Firstly, if the dog keeps shaking or holding the head on one side that can be a sign that they are infected. If the dog is scratching or rubbing his ears against furniture or the carpets, the floors, or the wall. Rubbing against furniture is a common indication that they are trying to reach into their ears to scratch. If they have a bacterial infection, you can always notice a yellow-brown or black discharge coming from the ear. A redness of the ear or the ear is swollen may be a sign of infection.


You can try to clean the ears naturally by using Dr Dogs Ear Oil. It is preferable that you use white vinegar because it restores a balanced chemical state of the ear to not induce any infection. Pour a small amount into the ear canal diluted in water and gently wipe the sides of the year with a cotton ball. You can do this everyday until the ear is completely healed.


For those who live in South America, there is a tree known as paud'arco from http://drdogs247.com ear drops for dogs. It is a natural antibacterial that can quickly kill bacteria and fungi. You can mix equal parts by boiling the bark of the tree and pouring the mixture into the ear canal of the dog. Remember to include a little mineral oil into the mixture.