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Ear Mite Treatments

A How-to Guide: Treating a Dog's Ear Infection


Dog ear infection is what dog really hates. It irritates them and it gives them a lot of discomfort feeling. When a dog ear infection treatment is given to them immediately and they are diagnosed early, their situation will be better. There are several studies presented that says that dogs that have breeds are the ones who are more prone into getting dog ear infection. Studies support that it is because breed dogs have a different anatomy and positioning of the ear. Normally, the ear canal of the dogs' ear is being infected by fungi and bacteria. Depending on the fungi or bacteria causing the infection, the veterinarian may suggest treatment accordingly.


This article will give you the different treatments that you can do just in case your cat, dog or any other pet will have an ear infection. First is the ear drop. In a lot of cases, ear drops are the most used treatment for dog ear infection and ear mite in cats. But before using ear drops, you first need to clean the ear of your dog using sterile gauze. In doing this, you can prevent the infection from getting worse.


You really need to take this seriously and remember all these things. Only use ear drops if the dog's ear drum is intact. For your dog to be really safe, ask first a veterinarian if it is okay for you to use dog ear infection for your dog. Your dog ear drops might not be compatible with your dog so it is better to ask help from a vet. In the multitude of ear drops available it is always prudent to seek the advice of a veterinarian before purchasing one. Also, always make sure that you read the label carefully before applying it to the ear of your dog.


Second is the topical ointment from ear drops for dogs. There are a lot of instances that ear canals are moderately closed. If in case your dog's ears are moderately closed, then you have to use a topical ointment. They contain antibiotics or ingredients that reduce inflammation of the ear. When the topical ointment is applied, the ear will open and that is the time where you can apply the ear drops for dogs.


Last but not the least is the distilled water. This is not the last remedy actually, there are more but we will just have the most accessible and the most helpful from all. It is also reported that distilled water is one of the best cleaning materials and that; it is the most accessible and the most helpful tool.