Ear Mite Treatments

Ear Mites And Ear Infections And What You May Not Know About Them


Ear mites are basically a highly contagious parasitic infection that is commonly passed between animals such as dogs and cats. There exist several types of ear mites that can live on your dog's ear and the most common type of this ear mite is referred to as otodectescynotis. This parasites normally feed on the wax and the oil on the ear of the dog's ear canal. It is hard to see this ear mites by using naked eyes hence you can just detect symptoms such as irritation by the dog or inflammation. Ear mites tend to affect the inner canal and the external canal of the chosen animal hence leading to more serious ear infections or skin infections if it is not treated immediately. You do not have to worry about your health since human beings are immune to ear mites but is just necessary to keep your dog or cat healthy once you detect the dark discharge in the ear canal of your pet.


It is important to note all the symptoms of ear mites in dogs and ear infections in dogs. The symptoms include head shaking, excessive scratching followed by rubbing of the ears, strong odor, and brown waxy secretion by the animal. It is important that you seek the attention of the veterinarian since they will take a small sample and carefully examine what is causing the ear infection. The veterinarian can prescribe ear drops for dogs that will help eradicate the ear mites once they are discovered, your dog or cat will retain its normal condition.


 If debris has built up ,the veterinarians may be required to do gentle cleaning that may involve cotton and a canine ear cleaner just to ease the whole dog ear medication  treatment. Veterinarians  may also choose to prescribe anti-inflammatory  drugs to help resolve the ear mites in cats and also the ear mites in dogs. The process of treatment should be taken keenly and ensure that it does not stop on the way since if not treated well the ear mites might still remain in the ear of your pet. You should ensure that all animals in that particular household need to be all treated to ensure that a complete eradication of the ear mites that cause infection.


To acquire more information about how to get rid of ear mites in dogs you can choose to consult specialists and also read more from the various selected websites since they can help you in a number of ways.